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In July last year, when the Lakers were just formed, how many people were willing to believe that they could successfully reach the end? In the eyes of those who doubt it, this is a team that is perilous and may be overthrown at any time.


They think the Lakers management team is too chaotic and lacks the stability needed to become a great team.


Although they recognize that the team’s coaching staff is extremely luxurious, they believe that the core structure built by the three former NBA coaches is more likely to be undercurrents, and each has a ghost.


They think the Lakers' lineup lacks depth. Although Zhan Mei is the bottom line, they don't have a stable and reliable third point, which is far behind other competitors.


They think that James is old, he is about to turn 35 years old, he is very likely to be targeted by injuries again, a James who can't give his full output will definitely not be able to command a successful team.


But they were wrong.


After completing this long journey that lasted more than a year, the Los Angeles Lakers once again set foot on the top of the world after a lapse of ten years. At least for this night, those doubters can shut up.


The Lakers' success this time belongs to everyone on the team.


They underestimated the Lakers coaching staff.


In hindsight, this is an excellent team, the initial trial, adjustments between games, and even the courage to make temporary adjustments to the lineup during the game. Their full preparations and profound coping methods obviously exceeded the initial expectations of the outside world.


They underestimated the growth that the Lakers' role players and young people can gain in a year.


These frustrated, unpopular, and uninterested players have regained their trust in Los Angeles. They played tough defensive performance and left countless shining moments.


They underestimated the value of Anthony Davis.


Before coming here, he was the "son of America" ​​that everyone ridiculed, the most famous "honor swingman" in active service, and a representative figure whose name is bigger than the real one.


But after coming here, he proved his worth with his actions and proved why he is the best and most versatile inside player of this era. He not only built the team's defensive system, but also their sharpest blade on the offensive end. Because of the thick eyebrows, the Los Angelesers have more ways to crack the defense and deal with the offense. He is the team that can reach the top. One of the important heroes and keys of


Of course, what they underestimated is the leadership and determination of LeBron James.


Indeed, he is 35 years old, he is not running as fast as before, jumping not as high as when he was young, and his body is also troubled by some injuries, but he chasing a great heart is still hot.


"All the motivation for my hard work is to chase the ghost who used to play in Chicago."


Four years ago, LeBron, who had just led the Cleveland Cavaliers to break the 52-year curse and climbed to the top, said this in an interview with Jenkins who was a reporter for Sports Illustrated at the time. And today, four years later, he is still fulfilling the promise he once made with his actions.


Every time James wins a championship, the issue of whether he can surpass Jordan will start to be heated again. In this regard, I have also heard a lot of "ruthless words". In summary, it probably means: "From the past, to the present, and even in the future,'Jordan is the supreme basketball god' will never It will change."


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Of course, like most people, I very much agree with Jordan's status as a symbolic totem in the basketball world. The honor he has achieved is supreme. The things he has done are extremely legendary. He is worthy of any compliment anyone can give him, even if it has been nearly 20 years since he completely retired. The name Michael Jordan still affects the sport, just as the first name that each of us knew when we first met basketball will always belong to him.

当然,像大多数人一样,我非常同意乔丹作为篮球界象征性图腾的地位。他获得的荣誉是至高无上的。他所做的事情极富传奇色彩。即使他已经完全退休已有近20年的时间,但他仍值得任何人赞美。迈克尔·乔丹(Michael Jordan)的名字仍亚搏网页登陆然影响着这项运动,就像我们每个人第一次见篮球时都知道的名字一样,永远都属于他。

However, as far as I am concerned, I do not believe in the so-called "eternity of truth".


The reason why Jordan is called the god of basketball is definitely not relying on vain praise, but because the series of numbers are too dazzling-10-time scoring champion, 3-time stealing champion, 1 DPOY, 5 MVP, He won the championship 6 times, won the FMVP 6 times, 10 annual battles, 9 annual defenses, plus an innumerable number of votes, and his data records are everywhere-his greatness, no need to praise, Also stand up to any comparison.


But this does not mean that when these numbers begin to be challenged by others, he can still rely on the so-called "divine nature" and always sit back and relax in that seat.


Although James is not enough to threaten Jordan at present, it is clear that he has narrowed the distance between himself and his teenage idol. It's just the existence of prejudice and inherent opinions that make people more or less underestimate the legendary achievements created by the people in front of them.


For example, some people use the finals win rate to belittle James.


Indeed, 40% of the finals win rate is a bit fragile in front of "Jordan does not play the seventh game" and "Jordan has never lost the finals."


But how many people have overlooked it. It was a 10-year finals campaign. What's more, should we really use such a one-size-fits-all approach when judging the good or bad of a thing?


In 2007, the fourth-year star LeBron James led the Cleveland Cavaliers alone and reached the Finals in an unprecedented way, and then lost to the San Antonio Spurs, who are more powerful and old-fashioned no matter the lineup or core. Is this a failure? Shouldn't it be quoted?


In 2015, Love and Irving fell one after another. James took a starting point guard with an annual salary of 820,000 and a core six-man team with a total price of only $21.2 million. He fought the Warriors for 6 games and finally regretted the failure of the end. Does anyone spurn


In 2018, Irving left, and the team suffered an earthquake in the mid-term. After two rounds of cleansing, he not only lost his star strength, but also completely lost his lineup depth. Throughout the playoffs, in addition to James can contribute 34 points per game, only Love scored in double figures (14.9 points), and the shooting rate was only a dismal 39.2%. But even in this extreme situation, he still carried the Cavaliers to the stage of the finals. Indeed, in front of a strong warrior, he didn't win a game, but the bravery of 51 points in a single game to overtime, do you really think this is a shame?


I will never think so. I will only think that this is James bringing a team that is not part of the Finals to that position. I prefer to regard it as a great personal success.


For another example, some people think that the reason why James' data accumulation is so terrifying is purely because he plays more.


But the immediate example-the experience of the core members of the Golden State Warriors-tells us: long-term and high-intensity battles can bring more than data and honor, but also physical overload.


In more than half of his 17-year career, James reached the Finals. He played more than 10,000 minutes in the playoffs, ranking first in NBA history and almost the second-ranked Kevin in active service. Durant's doubled.


He was able to withstand such a long time of high-intensity confrontation. In addition to benefiting from his amazing physical talent, more importantly, it is the hard work of several years, the strict management of diet and life, and the management of his body. Careful care.


We have long been accustomed to his excellence in front of the world, but always ignore the blood and tears hidden behind all this.


Playing a lot of games is a reward for hard work and a manifestation of ability. This should have been praised, but for James, it reluctantly became another way to be looked down upon.


Is this really the way it should be?


I don't want to say what kind of honor James will surely get in the future, or data accumulation. After all, no one can be sure what hasn't happened. But today, after James won his fourth career championship and the fourth finals MVP trophy, he has become the second only player in NBA history after Michael Jordan-before that, except for Jordan No one has ever won more than 3 FMVPs—he deserves enough respect.

我不想说詹姆斯将来肯定会获得什么样的荣誉或数据积累。毕竟,没有人可以确定没有发生什么。但是今天,在詹姆斯赢得个人职业生涯第四次冠军和第四次总决赛MVP奖杯之后,他已经成为仅次于迈克尔·乔丹的NBA历史上第二位唯一的球员-在那之前,除了乔丹以外,没有人赢得过3次以上的FMVPs –他应得的尊重。

Just like what he said when he lifted the trophy: "What I want is respect."


Before he appeared here, we hadn't even seen a person who could even get close to Jordan, and after that, we couldn't confirm the year and month when the next genius with such abilities would come again.


At the end of the 17th season, James, who is nearly 36 years old, is still running on this road to catch up with the great ghost. He may succeed, or he may not. But I think that when you have the opportunity to witness such a cross-historical contest, expectation and blessing are better than slander and abuse.


At such a moment, when everyone is chanting "Lakers Championship," I want to give my heart's words to the greatest basketball player of this era:


"Congratulations, LeBron James, after a long journey of 17 years, you have finally obtained the qualification to challenge God. This picture is the expectation of the world since the first day you entered the league. Right now, look up and see that the statue of God is standing on the top of the mountain. You can see him. He is not far away. Challenge him!"


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No one commented, but quiet


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