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In January 2020, five starring actors in "Family with Children": Zhang Yishan, Yang Zi, Song Dandan, Gao Yalin, and You Haoran met at the Spring Festival Gala in Beijing for a special "family dinner".


At the beginning of the "Family Banquet", Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi reproduced the "emoticons" in the play. This contrast clearly shows the changes that have taken place between the two boys and girls.


Only then did I realize that when I turned on the TV, I could meet "Family Have Children". It seemed that the days when Liu Xing played treasures and Xiaoxue got into trouble were just yesterday, but this "yesterday" was 15 years ago.


It was broadcast in 2005, and finally the 2007 "Family with Children" filmed 4 parts, broadcast for 3 years, telling us stories about a divorced and reorganized family.


Most of you and I who watched the drama back then felt that it was just a children's drama in the form of a sitcom. But after many years of reviewing it again, you will surely have many new discoveries.


For example, you will lament that the living standard of Liu Xing's family is enough to make us still envy 15 years later.


In Beijing, they live in a "top-of-the-line commercial house" with four bedrooms, one living room, two independent bathrooms, and an open kitchen. With a computer and a mobile phone, one can often have a meal of seafood. Mom uses Givenchy for makeup. The children wear Converse, FILA, and Adi. Dad spends three or four thousand yuan to buy a mink for his mother and feels very cheap... ..


One sentence summary is that the proper middle class is better than the rich family.


Upper decision decided by the economic background. With superior economic conditions, the spiritual and cultural life that Liu Xing enjoys is far more colorful than that of his peers.


It is precisely because of this that, in addition to the hilarious storyline and full emotional portrayal, there are many popular cultural symbols in "A Family with Children", which is enough to make it a spiritual world museum for young people in the early century.


When we saw these "symbols", we thought it was very common. But looking at them many years later, you can smell the unique cultural atmosphere of that era.


This breath allows us to transcend economic constraints and pursue childhood and youth that we no longer have.


Let us move forward to 2005, when "A Family Has Children" premiered.


That was the last highlight of the Chinese music scene. Jolin Tsai, Junjie Lin, Fei Er, Leehom Wang, Rainie Yang, Guangliang and other singers will sing and we will be on stage.


But Jay Chou is the number one popular person who always occupy TV entertainment news, music radio rankings, school radio stations, student lyrics and MP3.

但周杰伦(Jay Chou)是最受欢迎的人,他总是占据电视娱乐新闻,音乐广播排名,学校广播电台,学生歌词和MP3。

In this Jay Chou boom, "A Family Has Children", Jay is mentioned many times in the play, almost running through four parts.


The first is a poster with a strong sense of existence. The EP poster of "Looking for Jay Chou" is posted on the wall opposite the door of the room. This is the first work of Jay Chou who "shocked".


In the second part, Liu Mei called the children to eat, and sang a few lines of "Dongfeng Broken" after the call, and sang "Waiting" as a pillow. Xia Donghai asked her what she was singing with a confused face.


This small plot reflects the circumstances of Jay Chou back then.


In the first few years of his debut, the traditional media was full of resistance to Jay Chou's music, and many music critics complained about his lyrics and pronunciation.


However, the gap between generations was gradually resolved by time, and Jay Chou quickly completed his transformation from a newcomer to the mainstream.


In the next few years, the variety show that Yiyang regards as the first stage was filled with a large number of nunchaku-related martial arts performances. The background music was "Nunchaku", and even Pan Changjiang sang a few "humming haha" covers.


In particular, "Listening to Mother's Words", released in 2006, has a catchy melody and warm lyrics. Many adults who didn't listen to Jay Chou before began to accept this young man who was slurred but not bad at heart.


This also proves a truth that has never changed:


Children's dramas of the same period as "Family Have Children", such as "Don't worry about growing up", "Happy Planet", and "My Home After School", you can also find related scenes of Jay Chou.


So you will see that even after a lapse of more than ten years, many fans who have been married and have children, even those born in the 80s and 90s of that era, can still pick up their mobile phones to "make data" for him, and the emerging fresh meat We competed against traffic, trying to prove that he and them are still old and strong.


This is a defense of their time.


At the peak of Jaylen, SHE was also a favorite of many boys and girls. "A Family with Children" also mentioned this girl group that was popular in the streets and alleys.

在杰伊伦(Jaylen)的巅峰时期,她也是许多男孩和女孩的最爱。 “有孩子的家庭”还提到了这个在街头和小巷中很受欢迎的女孩。

At that time, various actresses represented by SHE, showing the appearance of different girls, faintly told the girls:


Therefore, the girls of that era can find the best self-cognition from different idols.


Nowadays, women's groups with distinctive styles like SHE have not appeared for a long time. Nowadays, women's groups are mostly built into consumer goods, mainly for male aesthetics.


In the era when Jay Chou dominated the music world, the influence of JJ Lin, who was also called the "double outstanding", should not be underestimated. Xiaoxue in the third part is, as it is now, JJ Lin's fan.


In that era, the feelings of chasing stars still depended on CDs to satisfy, and we still have the era of universal collective memory: heard the same popular songs, chased the same golden files...


Nowadays, with the rapid development of the Internet, social software and smart recommendations have divided and divided people infinitely. Even people of the same age, as long as they have different interests and hobbies, it seems that it is difficult to find common topics that can be discussed.


No one is better or worse, but the times have changed, but the last golden years of the pop music scene are destined to be nostalgic.


After talking about the spiritual food that pleases our ears, let's take a look at the real food that pleases our tongues.


The legendary drink Gao Lego, which has provided countless juvenile players with boiling heat, has repeatedly appeared in the play. Years later, those of us who are used to drinking net celebrity milk tea can no longer remember its taste.

传说中的饮料高乐高(Gar Lego)曾多次出现在剧本中,该饮料为无数少年玩家提供了沸腾的热量。多年之后,我们这些习惯于饮用网红名人奶茶的人不再记得它的味道。

This cocoa-flavored drink, with its magical advertisements, has convinced many people that drinking it can "grow up" and "become happy". Now go to Baidu to search for "Golego", and the first Lenovo question is "Golego". Can it grow taller?"

这种带有可可味广告的可可味饮料已经使许多人相信,饮用它可以“长大”并“变得快乐”。现在去百度搜索“ Golego”,联想的第一个问题是“ Golego”。它可以长高吗?”

There are many cartoon characters of aliens in Gao Lego's advertisements: tall and enthusiastic gluttons, beautiful calcium girls, big-headed zinc with big heads and high IQs, smart and studious Verina, and steady captain Dali Ke, etc.

高乐高广告中有许多外星人的卡通人物:高大热情的嘴,漂亮的钙质女孩,大头和高智商的大头锌,聪明又好学的Verina和稳定的队长Dali Ke等。

These aliens—corresponding to different tastes and nutrients (calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, vitamins), formed a "Lego League" and can be called the superheroes who dominate our tongue.


The queer who often appeared in the play was also the trend-makers in the children's beverage market. When it first went public, it created a textbook-level marketing case.


Many people are adorable by its cute packaging, which is very recognizable and friendly. It also derives a large number of peripheral products, which can be said to be both promotion and imagery, both of which are very hard.


As for the taste of the drink itself, frankly speaking, it is a bit too sweet, which makes people worry about health effects. To a large extent, we are paying for the role of queer, not Qoo juice itself.


So when the long-reliant star role is no longer in the spotlight, it will be sooner or later that this once-phenomenal drink will fade out of public attention.


Since then, Queer has been discontinued for a while, but has quietly returned in recent years, but it has been included in Minute Maid’s product line.

从那时起,酷儿已经停产了一段时间,但近年来却悄然回归,但它已被纳入Minute Maid的产品线。

Nowadays, many of the drinks in the play have disappeared from our sight. Some were defeated in business competition, some were acquired and lost the right to speak, and some became ordinary members of a company's many product lines.


At the beginning of the millennium, it was still a cool thing to like the second dimension. ACG fans can immerse themselves in the screen and enjoy the works openly and talk about it on the Internet and in anime magazines.

在千年初,喜欢第二个维度仍然是一件很酷的事情。 ACG粉丝可以沉浸在屏幕上,欣赏作品,并在Internet和动漫杂志上谈论它。

In short, we don’t have to suffer at all"


It's just that with age, more and more people are unwilling to expose their aesthetic taste to anyone, that little romance no longer exists.


Maybe you can't remember the smell of ink, maybe you are more accustomed to spending time on the official account now.


And in that era when the Internet is still underdeveloped, who will comfort the gloomy star-chasing lives of boys and girls in the rice circle?


Only colorful entertainment magazines.


In the age of information explosion, fans are no longer willing to rely on magazines to get close to their idols, and stars no longer need to rely on magazines to increase exposure. Such magazines naturally came to the curtain and left the scene.


"Fantasy Magazine" is not the so-called children's science fiction magazine in the play, but an earlier domestic magazine that professionally introduced European and American illustrations and comics. Unfortunately, the magazine ceased publication in 2005.


"UFO Discovery" is known as one of the most popular science magazines in the country and the world's largest UFO magazine.


It's a pity, this magical magazine that you can guess when the flying saucer will visit the earth, but failed to guess that the Internet era has completely changed everything, and paper media will become tomorrow's yellow flower.


The newsstands where the lines appeared in the play were so densely packed on the street that they were five steps one post and ten steps one post, but they have long since collapsed under the impact of the times.


If there is a newsstand in your city, please cherish it. Every time I pass by, it may become a goodbye.


Just entering the millennium, a game console ban to prevent teenagers from indulging in games suddenly struck.


Therefore, whether it is Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo, although their game consoles are produced in China, they cannot be sold through official channels.


This directly led to the loss of a whole generation in the domestic game market compared with the international game market. In addition, it has spawned a large number of poorly crafted copycat products, and players who have experienced that period of time are deeply impressed by this.


But this has not changed the teenagers' love of play. The childhood wish list of countless boys, the top of the list is the game console.


In "Family with Children", Liu Xing, the trendy person, also has a dream of a game console. Only in that special age, he accidentally collided with the copycat game console.


At the beginning of the new century, electronic technology developed rapidly at a rate of almost a year. In addition to game consoles, many novel electronic devices will invade the youngsters' vision and become the existence that makes them tickle.


When "Family With Children" started broadcasting, MP3 was becoming popular. This compact music playback device has quietly become a campus fashion.


Although only the size of a matchbox, it can store hundreds of songs. So it is used to learn English, but it is actually filled with pop songs, and then listen to them and grow up in a hurry.


After MP3 became popular, MP4 became the darling on the market for a while.


It has "1" more than MP3, which means it can play video. But when you think it's just a player, you can still find that it can still play games. People can't help but think of the hair dryer leather shoes in "Domestic Lingling Paint".

它比MP3多“ 1”,这意味着它可以播放视频。但是当您认为它只是一个玩家时,您仍然会发现它仍然可以玩游戏。人们不禁会想到“国内零陵漆”中的吹风机皮鞋。

However, in the first decade of the 21st century, the most coveted portable electronic device of a generation of teenagers, the answer can only be high-end, atmospheric, and high-end PSP, and there is no one (no disrespect for NDS).

但是,在21世纪前十年,这是一代年轻人中最受追捧的便携式电子设备,答案只能是高端,大气和高端PSP,而且没有答案(不尊重NDS) )。

PSP can not only be used as a powerful game machine, but also has a large screen at the time, with functions such as video playback, music playback, e-books, and Internet surfing. In short, it is arranged for entertainment needs you can think of. On it.


Obviously only Dafa can do this kind of user care. Putting it in your trouser pocket is the only way for you to become a trendy boy or girl.


In the era of the chaotic dance of the demons, such artifacts will naturally be targeted by a large number of counterfeiters. Most MP4s that can play games are only PSP horse heads, and they tend to imitate its appearance.


If the game console is a new generation for the old, the PSP dream that was not realized then can now be compensated on the Switch.


In the second episode, Xiao Yu is addicted to information station programs and wastes high phone bills to participate in prize-winning answering questions. In order to educate and enlighten Xiao Yu, Xia Donghai pretends to be an information station to give Xia Yu questions and accompany his children in a play.


More than ten years ago, the phone answering game was especially popular. I remember that a certain children's channel always put some brain teasers, or the prize-winning question and answer of riddles, which are actually problems that old women can solve.


This kind of game makes it easy for people to see through the routines. After you get through, the other party will let you wait step by step, a big deal of nonsense. In fact, the purpose is obvious, which is to delay time and collect your phone bill.


But there are always people who are eager to stand it. Today we can call it leeks.


Obviously, if this deceptive trick does not disappear now, it would be really unreasonable. It's just that we still have to beware of new tricks, always be vigilant, don't be leeks.


The Heelys that appeared in the play are also phenomenal things that were popular at the time and are now disappearing. Lifting it up can make people shed tears of the times.


This kind of shoe is no different from ordinary sneakers in appearance, but the sole hides mystery, and there are small wheels that can be freely installed and removed. After putting it on, you can choose to slide or walk at will, and it is easy to rub the devilish step and achieve a serpentine walking position.


With it, you just need to stand on your toes and become Nezha on the hot wheels, and become the most eye-catching cub on your street.


In the fourth episode, Liu Xing made a noise to buy shoes. Liu Mei agreed without knowing the details. He didn't see the hidden mechanism in the sole.


On the way from school, Liu Xing proudly showed the ability of his new shoes in front of his classmates. As a result, he couldn't stop and ran into his grandmother who was back from buying vegetables.


I have to sigh again here that Liu Xing is always at the forefront of trends. At the beginning of the century, Heelys had been blessed by many first-line stars and became popular trend products.


Twins once "used" Heelys at a concert that year. The two girls slid around on the stage as if they could do light work, which fascinated countless young people.


Heelys is a patented product of Heelys. Various domestic brands of Heelys are imitations. Due to cost control, their safety cannot be guaranteed and eventually disappeared due to pressure from public opinion.


In the play, Liu Xing finally chose to resolutely reluctantly cut his love and dispose of the pair of Heelys.


"An era is over."


Although I don't want to express such vulgar emotions, the sudden death of basketball superstar Kobe is undoubtedly another off-line memory. This heavy sorrow is not only about basketball, but also about the youth of many people.


At that time, Kobe was still flourishing and invincible on the court wearing the No. 8 jersey. On January 22, 2006, when Kobe completed the 81-point "miracle" in a single game, the second part of "A Family With Children" had not yet been broadcast.

当时,科比仍穿着八号球衣在球场上保持着旺盛的地位,并立于不败之地。 2006年1月22日,当神户在一场比赛中完成81分的“奇迹”比赛时,“带孩子的家庭”的第二部分尚未播出。

Boys who like to play basketball on campus regard him as their idol. They wear the same style of imitation Lakers uniforms and imitate his dribbling and shooting actions in the playground. He is the basketball enlightenment of a generation. It is also a youth witness to the growth of many boys and girls.


Kobe may not be your idol, but you can hardly ignore his existence after all. It is an important index of your youthful memories.


Just like "A Family With Children", it may not be the best sitcom in your heart, but it has met you unexpectedly during the countless holidays at the beginning of the millennium, so that its music and lines, Have become part of your memory.


The train of the times has been roaring all the way since the beginning of the millennium.


Once this train was like a green-skinned train, with sleepers, hard seats and even station tickets. Although the tastes of the journey were different, they all saw the same scenery before getting off the train. That is their common memory. More or less shaped their ego.


Just like 15 years ago, even Liu Xing, a child from a middle-class family in a first-tier city, posted a poster of Kobe on the wall like a teenager in a small town. He knew the King of Fighters' big tricks and wrote the lyrics of Jay Chou in his notebook.


Even if his family has a PSP that you never own, you can only salivate, but the CS marksmanship you tempered in the fierce battles in Internet cafes also makes him unattainable.


Nowadays, people who take the high-speed rail, the limited express, and the green-skinned people sit on the green-skinned ones, each running toward a bright future, but they also experience not many overlapping cultural memories.


Deng Ziqi, who you regard as the next queen, can only be heard from another person to warm up sister Hua who sang "Crazy Waves". The fall of AO3, which you regarded as the headline news, is far less impactful than Paiqi's being sealed in his eyes.


In real life other than cultural entertainment, this difference will only be greater.


For those born in the 10s who are attending sky-high price tutoring classes and some can only stay in villages and towns, their childhoods are no longer "like all". They can only wish them a bright future and still be able to become sunshine boys and sunshine. girl.


, The lyrics of the theme song of "Family Have Children" sounds like the lucky ones of many post-85s and post-90s.

,“ Family Have Children”主题歌的歌词听起来像许多85后和90后的幸运者。

Who could have imagined that the post-90s who grew up watching "Family With Children" at the beginning of the millennium are the last generation who can be deeply influenced by the common popular culture.


The first decade of the 21st century has also become the last time that can carry the collective memories of a generation. This memory has nothing to do with class, rich or poor, but only about the destined youth of a generation.


When it is gone, the warmth in it is destined to be nostalgic.


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