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Gao Lin, captain and assistant coach of Shenzhen Kaisa, won the 11th round of MVP in the Super League. Recently, he was receiving an interview that I know, and he said that he can maintain a good form and can play for a few more years. Regarding the change of player and coach status, he bluntly said that he is very grateful to Shenzhen Kaisa for the opportunity given to him. Being a coach is a brand new challenge. Regarding whether he can be selected for the national team, he said that as long as he does not retire for a day, he will always yearn to play for the country.


Overall it is very good, and the integration is relatively fast. And the team atmosphere. The club management is very helpful to me, adapts very well, and I am very happy in this team.


The problem of the house is also easier to solve, so I found a kindergarten for the children. I rented a house near the kindergarten, and my wife’s home is also in Shenzhen. She usually lives in school, a little closer to the school. On weekends, the children will go to live with grandma and grandfather.


First of all, thank the club for their trust. As a coach, there will be a process of gradual change. Indeed, the job of coaching is a new challenge. For me, it’s just a chance to try, because I’m still a player, so I’d better play football first. Maybe in three or four years, I will transition to become a coach, because the club has provided me with such an opportunity. Thank you very much and honor.


With the arrival of a new coach, everyone must train harder, perform seriously, and strive for more opportunities. Tactically according to different opponents, the coach will also make arrangements. The entire coaching staff is very serious and well prepared for each game, which is a very good thing for us, and the cooperation and integration with the coach is very good.


In the new season, everyone is still struggling. The mental outlook and fighting spirit shown in each game are very good. But the game is like this, there are winners and losers, and then everyone strives to do their best. If they do their best, there will be good results.


At first, I may be a little uncomfortable because I can’t go out every day and my life is relatively simple. Get used to it slowly, and there will be no problems in the future. In terms of technical and tactical implementation, personnel communication will be smoother. Because we will have more exchanges. It is very helpful for us new players and for our team. Everyone is familiar with it faster and will get to know all the players faster.


The difference from the previous long-term training competition may be that the Chinese Super League will have an impact on the results. A game in four or five days, with wins and losses. After winning the game, everyone may feel better and happier; after losing the game, there will be a sense of loss. This may be different from the long-term Guozihao training.


I think the issue of veteran mainly depends on the mentality, I don't think I am a veteran. All aspects of myself, including the devotion and physical condition in the training competition are very good. Regarding Zheng Zhi as his goal, maintaining a high level of status, hoping to do more and contribute more to the Shenzhen team.


I think coaching is not something to consider at this stage, because I want to play for a few more years if my state allows, and then may wait for my athletic ability or physical condition to come down. When I can't help the team more, I will consider the role of coach. At that time, I will study hard, enrich myself, and be able to change my identity and continue to help the Shenzhen team.


There are many outstanding young players this year. They performed very well. It shouldn't be said that there is something lacking. Just to give some suggestions, hoping to participate in higher-level competitions, including the opportunity to study abroad and settle down. It may be better for them to grow, and I believe in their future achievements, and the future road can go further and further.


I still cooperate very well with these two teammates, and we can communicate very well. In the game, they can change positions and have a lot of cooperation. It should be said that they are all very good people and very professional players.


I think this opportunity is definitely there. As long as you don't retire for a day, as a player you must always yearn for being able to play for the country. Maintain a good state and mentality, always waiting for the opportunity to continue to contribute to the national team.


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